Day 31: Lazy Wrap Bun

Day 31: Lazy Wrap Bun

Go-to professional style.

This is the first day in my series of “Go-to” hair styles – the styles that I automatically think of when faced with different events. The Lazy Wrap bun is probably actually my most common day-to-day style (with the possible exception of a plain cinnabun). It’s super easy to put up, and is one of the least damaging styles out there! It’s a sleek and professional style perfect for the workplace. I especially like the fact that if necessary, I can use it to hide my colored ends for a job interview or some such thing.

In other hair news, I cut my own hair this morning using Feye’s self trim method. It worked really well! I took about an inch off, and it looks great. If your haircut is something simple (straight across, u shape, v shape) and doesn’t require layers or anything like that, I highly recommend it.

1) Gather hair into a mid-high ponytail. Do not secure.
2) Make a lazy wrap bun. I’m just going to link to instructions for this step:
3) If desired, tuck ends under. I also like leaving mine out, as they create a spray of pink.

Done! This style uses only one hairstick and holds like a rock.



Day 30: French Banded Ponytail

Day 30: French Banded Ponytail

This is a similar concept to the banded ponytail I posted on day 3 (or 2? I can’t quite remember), but it’s done French style – that is, taking sections and adding them in as you go. Nice and easy, but has a fun look! If you want it to be extra fun, use hair ties in bright rainbow colors.

Note: Tomorrow I’ll be starting a week long series of “go-to” hairstyles for different occasions. Any requests?

1) Take a small section of hair near the top of your head and put it into a high ponytail. Secure with a hair tie.
2) Move a couple inches down, and add more hair from both sides to your ponytail. Secure with hair tie.
3) Repeat.
4) When you run out of hair to add, place hair ties at even distance from each other down the length of your ponytail.



Day 29: Twin Knot Buns

Day 29: Twin Knot Buns

*Sings* “Does your hair hang low, does it wobble to and fro, can you tie it in a knot, can you tie it in a bow?”

Sorry about that… I just couldn’t resist.

Let me preface the instructions for this style by saying that I don’t like it. At all, really. I think it’s quite ugly. As a disclaimer, I do tend to dislike pigtails in general, so that might be influencing my views. I suppose that it could be seen as cute and fun – to each their own, I guess. What do you thing? Whimsical and cute or just plain ugly? Tell me in the comments.

1) Part your hair vertically, straight down the middle.
2) Take the left part and gather it into a mid-low ponytail.
3) Tie it in a single knot, as close to your head as possible.
4) Secure to stop it from slipping out. I used a spin pin and a bobby pin.
5) Repeat on the other side.



Day 28: Rolled Braid Bun

Day 28: Rolled Braid Bun

I was messing around with my braid earlier today, and came up with this. I’m actually very pleased with it – I like how it ends up looking. This bun is sort of a variation on the folded braid. The difference is that while with a folded braid, only the tail is folded under, with this bun the whole braid is rolled up and pinned, creating a round, small bun. However, if your hair is shorter the two may look similar enough to be indistinguishable.

My hair is wet and chlorine-y in the picture, sorry.

1) English braid your hair from the base of your neck. Tie off with as small of a tassel as you possible can – it doesn’t matter if the end is neat or not.
2) Starting at the tassel, roll up the braid towards your head. You want to roll it as tightly as you can.
3) Take the braid roll and press it against your head. Spread out the braid that is still visible so it covers the braid roll and touches your head. Pin. (As usual, I used spin pins.)



Day 27: Three Strand Braided Bee Butt Bun

Day 27: Three Strand Braided Bee Butt Bun

There’s a reason this is called the bee butt bun, as you can probably tell from the picture! This is definitely not an everyday look for me, because I don’t particularly like buns that stick out – but if you do, this might just be your perfect style! It’s quite simple to do, and creates a smooth, solid looking bun.

1) Put hair into a mid-high ponytail and secure with a hair tie.
2) Split into three sections and English braid each. I usually tie off the ends, and then take the hair ties out before the final pinning, but that’s up to you.
3) Coil the braids around the base of the ponytail. There are two important things to remember here. Firstly, coil all of them at once. Don’t do one and then the next and then the last. Secondly, make sure that the first time around is a little loose, so the coils pile up on top of each other, instead of sitting flat on your head like a cinnabun.
4) Secure (I used spin pins and two bobby pins).

If you keep ending up with a bun like this when you’re trying to do a cinnabun, the trick is to pin as you go. That keeps the coils flat against your head. With this bun, however, you want them to pile up!


Day 26: Double Half Wrap Bun

Day 26: Double Half Wrap Bun

A user over on the Long Hair Community was asking about styles that would shorten the apparent length of hair, but still look formal. This is a style that I saw a while ago. Someone posted a link to instructions, but they were in chinese. I interpreted the pictures to mean this – and whether it’s right or not, I still like the look! I’m not sure what it’s called, but I’m going with the Double Half Wrap Bun, because it’s sort of like two half lazy wrap buns.

The instructions are a little difficult to just explain, so I made a video for you! I hope that it’s helpful. It’s the first time I’ve ever made a hair video, so it’s not perfect. Here it is:

1) Put hair in a mid-high ponytail and secure with a hair tie.
2) Pinch both sides of the ponytail with the thumb and forefinger of your non dominant hand.
3) Split the ponytail into two vertically.
4) Take the right section and bring it up, around your thumb (or forefinger – whichever you have on that side), over the top of the ponytail base, and down the other side, under whichever finger you have there.
5) Now take the left section. Bring it up, over the tail of the right section, around the finger on the left side, over the top of the ponytail base, and underneath the loop on the right side that was formed in step four.
6) You should now have two loops. Put a hairstick or fork in the first loop, under the base of the ponytail, and out the second. Give the tails of your hair a little tug to tighten the loops.

Done! If there are any other styles I’ve done you would like me to make videos for, please let me know.


Day 25: Half-up French Braid

Day 25: Half-up French Braid

Today I did a simple, casual style that’s perfect for when you want your hair down but still partially back, without messing with lots of pins and such. I usually do this with the french part going further down my head, but I stopped earlier today – not sure why! Do whatever you prefer.

1) Starting at the top of the back of your head (is there a technical term for this?), french braid. Unless you want the braid to be most of your hair, it’s important to take small sections. Take small bits from the front instead of taking a strip of hair running all the way back.
2) Braid about halfway down your head, or to wherever you find the most pleasing.
3) Stop adding in new sections and English braid to the end. Tie off.


Day 24: Rose Bun with English Braided Ponytail

Day 24: Rose Bun with English Braided Ponytail

My favorite thing about this hairstyle is how the top bun really looks like a flower. My regular rose buns don’t really have that effect because of my hair thickness, so it’s nice to have a rose bun that actually looks like a rose bun! Today when I did this style, I made the rope braid a little thicker than the english braid, just for fun.

1) Ponytail hair and secure.
2) Split hair into two sections horizontally.
3) Rope braid the top section, and english braid the lower section.
4) Coil the rope braid around the base of the english braid and secure. I used spin pins, as usual.



Day 23: Rope Braided Cameo Bun

Day 23: Rope Braided Cameo Bun

Look! A photo with decent lighting! It’s a miracle!


This is actually a rope braided cameo bun, I swear. It had loosened a bit by the time I took this picture, but the outer loop there is actually a rope braid. It’s very pretty if done correctly, but this isn’t my best style. (Yes, this side looks fine, but you should have seen the other one…)

1) Split hair horizontally into two parts.
2) Take the upper part and cinnabun it. Secure. (It’s actually up to you whether you want to bun the upper or lower part. At my length, the outer braid only wraps around once, so I like to braid the bottom half so the ends are at the bottom. Your mileage might vary.)
3) Rope braid the lower part, and wrap around the bun. Pin to secure.


Day 22: Double Dutch Braids

Day 22: Double Dutch Braids

This should probably actually be titled “twin dutch braids”, but I think that double dutch is a much better name. There isn’t too much to explain with these – it really is what it says on the box. My one tip is that if you’re trying to make these look nice, use a mirror to make sure they’re even. I went pretty quickly, so my right one is further down than my left.

1) Part hair down center.
2) Starting at front hairline, dutch braid left half of hair until you reach the bottom. Tie off.
3) Repeat with right half.