What is this blog? To put it quite simply, a challenge. That challenge, adapted from one on the Long Hair Community, is easy to explain but hard to do: Wear my hair in a different style every day for a year.

Yes, a year. 365 days. Is it possible? To tell you the truth, I don’t even know. This started as a month challenge, and then, at the suggestion of those around me, morphed into something of more epic proportions. Initially, it was a private project – but if I’m going to do this, I might as well share it. (Assuming, that is, that anybody ever reads this…)

There are, of course, some rules. The most obvious of these is that I cannot repeat styles. I do not have to wear a style the whole day – if I am working out or sleeping, for example, I may change it to a style I have done before. However, at some point in the day I must wear a style I have never worn before. Variations of a style count as different styles – a one-strand braided bun and a two-strand bun are considered to be different.

Here’s who I am: A long-haired college student, eager to learn new things and share them with you. As far as essential hairtyping goes, I am a 1b-M-iii. To those of you not caught up on your hair terminology, that means that my hair is mostly straight with a few slight waves, the individual strand are of medium thickness (as opposed to fine or coarse strands), and my overall hair is thick, with a ponytail circumference of 4-ish inches. Currently (day one), my hair is just about waistlength. If your hair is thin or average as far as total thickness, you will be able to do these styles at a shorter length. If your hair is thick like mine, you’ll probably have to be at least BSL for many of the updos – braids, however, work on any length!

I hope you enjoy reading along – please do leave comments to let me know what you think of the style of the day! I’d love to hear from you. 🙂



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