Day 39: Dutch-into-English Braid

This is another braid that I’m sure has a technical name, but one that I don’t know. I liked the look of the two dutch braids I did yesterday, so today I decided to use that again. Instead of keeping them separate and looping them up, however, I combined them and English braided them. (And yes, I wore the same dress for church this morning as I wore to the wedding. Oops!)

1) Part hair with a center parting.
2) Starting at the very front, dutch braid each side until you reach the nape of the neck. (You may need to temporarily secure the first side so that it doesn’t unravel.)
3) Pull the two sections of hair together, and split the resulting section into three.
4) English braid to the end and secure.

Done! This style would also look nice for Renaissance fairs or medieval costuming, although I can’t speak to it’s historical accuracy.