Day 38: Cleopatra Braided Updo

I went to my cousin’s wedding today, and wanted to wear something a bit more special than normal. After scrolling through some threads over at the Long Hair Community, I decided on this gorgeous style – a braided updo inspired by a bust of Cleopatra. I love it! It looks way more complicated than it is, and I received lots of compliments. Although this is a period appropriate Egyptian or Roman style, my Norwegian grandmother told me that her mother used to braid her hair like this when she was a little girl. I guess some styles just transcend time and space!

The tutorial for this hairstyle can be found here:
I take no credit for the tutorial – it’s entirely the property of jntvstp, who also has many other beautiful historical hairstyles on her channel. Her tutorial does use only period-appropriate methods, though, so I made a few modifications. Instead of waxing and knotting the ends, I simply bobby pinned them. I also used mini hair ties on the ends instead of thread.

The basic instructions for the style are as follows, but I would strongly recommend watching the video.
1) Part hair down the middle.
2) Dutch braid each side.
3) Cross the dutch braids over each other and loop them up.
4) Pin to secure.

Done! I hope you like this style as much as I do.