Day 34: Cinnabun

Go-to casual style.

The cinnabun is the first bun most people learn, and is super easy and casual. I wear one almost every day, securing it with my spin pins. It fits well with almost any situation – it’s never too formal or too casual, but always just right! It ties with the lazy wrap bun for my favorite hairstyle, and also makes a great sleep style – I just put it on top of my head instead of in back, and stick a scrunchie around the whole thing to catch any stray ends.

The instructions for this one are very basic, so I’m going to give you some of the best tips for cinnabuns that I’ve learned.
-If your hair is shorter, a good way to help the bun stay secure during the day is to start it with a ponytail secured with a hair tie, instead of just coiling it up.
-If you’re having trouble keeping the middle loops flat, pin as you go! Make the first coil, stick a couple pins in, then the second coil, etc. This is also a great tip for those of us with thick hair – it spreads out the weight of the hair, and makes it more secure.
-Be careful where you secure it. It’s important that the ends are caught fast, so the bun doesn’t fall out. I like to tuck the last couple inches under the bun, pull the bun hair over them, and put my spin pin right through the whole thing. Same goes if you’re using a fork, stick, or pins.

1) Pull hair into a mid-high ponytail. Do not secure.
2) Twist your hair counter-clockwise, until the whole ponytail is twisted. (You can also twist and do step three at the same time, up to you.)
3) Coil the twisted ponytail around the base counter-clockwise.
4) Secure. I used two spin pins, at 10 and 4, but you can also use a fork, a stick, bobby pins, claw clips… Whatever you fancy.