Day 33: Dutch Braid

Go-to practical style.

If you’re looking for something that will keep your hair contained through exercise, manual labor, or just day to day life, a braid is perfect, and a dutch or french braid is even better. The thing that’s especially nice about dutch and french braids is that they spread out your hair across the back of your head, and you don’t get the sagging effect that english braids sometimes give. If you’re doing anything where you’re going to be moving a lot, braids are much securer than buns, especially on shorter hair. When my hair was BSL and shorter, I wore this braid almost every day because it was quick to do and stayed all day. Plus, it’s mostly damage free – as long as you vary the location of the hair tie on the end, you should be fine!

1) Beginning at the top of the back of your head, dutch braid your hair. A dutch braid is the same concept as a french braid, but instead of crossing outside strands *over* the middle strand, you cross them *under*.
2) When you have no more hair to add in, English braid to the end.
3) Tie off.