Day 31: Lazy Wrap Bun

Go-to professional style.

This is the first day in my series of “Go-to” hair styles – the styles that I automatically think of when faced with different events. The Lazy Wrap bun is probably actually my most common day-to-day style (with the possible exception of a plain cinnabun). It’s super easy to put up, and is one of the least damaging styles out there! It’s a sleek and professional style perfect for the workplace. I especially like the fact that if necessary, I can use it to hide my colored ends for a job interview or some such thing.

In other hair news, I cut my own hair this morning using Feye’s self trim method. It worked really well! I took about an inch off, and it looks great. If your haircut is something simple (straight across, u shape, v shape) and doesn’t require layers or anything like that, I highly recommend it.

1) Gather hair into a mid-high ponytail. Do not secure.
2) Make a lazy wrap bun. I’m just going to link to instructions for this step:
3) If desired, tuck ends under. I also like leaving mine out, as they create a spray of pink.

Done! This style uses only one hairstick and holds like a rock.