Day 29: Twin Knot Buns

*Sings* “Does your hair hang low, does it wobble to and fro, can you tie it in a knot, can you tie it in a bow?”

Sorry about that… I just couldn’t resist.

Let me preface the instructions for this style by saying that I don’t like it. At all, really. I think it’s quite ugly. As a disclaimer, I do tend to dislike pigtails in general, so that might be influencing my views. I suppose that it could be seen as cute and fun – to each their own, I guess. What do you thing? Whimsical and cute or just plain ugly? Tell me in the comments.

1) Part your hair vertically, straight down the middle.
2) Take the left part and gather it into a mid-low ponytail.
3) Tie it in a single knot, as close to your head as possible.
4) Secure to stop it from slipping out. I used a spin pin and a bobby pin.
5) Repeat on the other side.