Day 28: Rolled Braid Bun

I was messing around with my braid earlier today, and came up with this. I’m actually very pleased with it – I like how it ends up looking. This bun is sort of a variation on the folded braid. The difference is that while with a folded braid, only the tail is folded under, with this bun the whole braid is rolled up and pinned, creating a round, small bun. However, if your hair is shorter the two may look similar enough to be indistinguishable.

My hair is wet and chlorine-y in the picture, sorry.

1) English braid your hair from the base of your neck. Tie off with as small of a tassel as you possible can – it doesn’t matter if the end is neat or not.
2) Starting at the tassel, roll up the braid towards your head. You want to roll it as tightly as you can.
3) Take the braid roll and press it against your head. Spread out the braid that is still visible so it covers the braid roll and touches your head. Pin. (As usual, I used spin pins.)