Day 27: Three Strand Braided Bee Butt Bun

There’s a reason this is called the bee butt bun, as you can probably tell from the picture! This is definitely not an everyday look for me, because I don’t particularly like buns that stick out – but if you do, this might just be your perfect style! It’s quite simple to do, and creates a smooth, solid looking bun.

1) Put hair into a mid-high ponytail and secure with a hair tie.
2) Split into three sections and English braid each. I usually tie off the ends, and then take the hair ties out before the final pinning, but that’s up to you.
3) Coil the braids around the base of the ponytail. There are two important things to remember here. Firstly, coil all of them at once. Don’t do one and then the next and then the last. Secondly, make sure that the first time around is a little loose, so the coils pile up on top of each other, instead of sitting flat on your head like a cinnabun.
4) Secure (I used spin pins and two bobby pins).

If you keep ending up with a bun like this when you’re trying to do a cinnabun, the trick is to pin as you go. That keeps the coils flat against your head. With this bun, however, you want them to pile up!