Day 26: Double Half Wrap Bun

A user over on the Long Hair Community was asking about styles that would shorten the apparent length of hair, but still look formal. This is a style that I saw a while ago. Someone posted a link to instructions, but they were in chinese. I interpreted the pictures to mean this – and whether it’s right or not, I still like the look! I’m not sure what it’s called, but I’m going with the Double Half Wrap Bun, because it’s sort of like two half lazy wrap buns.

The instructions are a little difficult to just explain, so I made a video for you! I hope that it’s helpful. It’s the first time I’ve ever made a hair video, so it’s not perfect. Here it is:

1) Put hair in a mid-high ponytail and secure with a hair tie.
2) Pinch both sides of the ponytail with the thumb and forefinger of your non dominant hand.
3) Split the ponytail into two vertically.
4) Take the right section and bring it up, around your thumb (or forefinger – whichever you have on that side), over the top of the ponytail base, and down the other side, under whichever finger you have there.
5) Now take the left section. Bring it up, over the tail of the right section, around the finger on the left side, over the top of the ponytail base, and underneath the loop on the right side that was formed in step four.
6) You should now have two loops. Put a hairstick or fork in the first loop, under the base of the ponytail, and out the second. Give the tails of your hair a little tug to tighten the loops.

Done! If there are any other styles I’ve done you would like me to make videos for, please let me know.