Day 23: Rope Braided Cameo Bun

Look! A photo with decent lighting! It’s a miracle!


This is actually a rope braided cameo bun, I swear. It had loosened a bit by the time I took this picture, but the outer loop there is actually a rope braid. It’s very pretty if done correctly, but this isn’t my best style. (Yes, this side looks fine, but you should have seen the other one…)

1) Split hair horizontally into two parts.
2) Take the upper part and cinnabun it. Secure. (It’s actually up to you whether you want to bun the upper or lower part. At my length, the outer braid only wraps around once, so I like to braid the bottom half so the ends are at the bottom. Your mileage might vary.)
3) Rope braid the lower part, and wrap around the bun. Pin to secure.