Day 21: Half-up Triple Cinnabuns

If I’m looking for a style for a classy formal event, my first thought is always a half up. Half ups are just about as good as it gets in that regard – you get to show off your length, but it still looks as though you put some time in. I also tend to look better with my hair pulled back from my face, but that differs for each person. There’s a near infinite variety of half ups, but the one I wore today is a new favorite of mine.

The style consists of three cinnabuns, held with pins. I did actually make them asymmetrical on purpose, which is unusual – normally my styles end up unbalanced accidentally, and I just claim it’s a style choice. You could also make them straight across, but you might want to use smaller sections so that they all fit.

Before I get to the instructions, one thing – at the end of this first month, I’m doing to be doing a theme week of go-to styles for different occasions. I hope to do several theme weeks throughout the year. What occasions would you like to see styles for? I’m thinking formal, professional, casual, etc… Let me know in the comments!

1)Take a section of hair from the right side of your face and pull it to the back. The best way to do this is to get a section that goes across four or so inches of your hairline, but is only an eighth or quarter inch deep. When you pull it all together, it should be about half an inch in diameter.
2) Bring it to the back and snag a tiny section of hair from where you want the first bun to be placed. (This is to stop it moving.)
3) Twist the whole section and coil it. When you’re about half way, stick a pin in it to stop the center from scrunching up.
4) Finish coiling and pin in place.
5) Repeat with a section from the top of your hairline and one from the left side.