Day 18: Messy Bun

Today I actually have a bun for you that I came up with myself – although I don’t imagine that I’m the first to think of it. I don’t know what it’s official name is, but it’s my favorite technique for creating a messy bun.
The problem of the messy bun is unique to long hairs, especially those of us with thick hair. My shorty friends make a messy bun by scrunching up their hair and sticking a hair tie around it – but for us, that doesn’t really work! I usually feel like I have a ball and chain attached to my head. I just need something else to anchor the outsides, and so I came up with this technique. It’s a little odd, because the casual messy bun actually takes me longer and uses more tools than a sleek lazy wrap bun – but hey, if it works!

1) Pull hair into a mid-low ponytail. Secure, but on the last pull through the hair tie, only pull your hair through halfway. This creates a loop with a long tail.
2) Wrap the tail loosely around the base of the ponytail as many times as you can.
3) Take the loop you created in step one and flip it up so the flat side of the loop is against your head, and the holes on the ends are open. Spread it out a bit.
4) Secure the sides of the loop. I find that spin pins are perfect for this. You don’t want to secure the whole loop, because the middle loops falling down are what create the messy look.
5) Fluff and pull out strands to make it a bit messier.

I find that this works best on wet hair, because the loops fall down easier. The one I’m wearing in the photo isn’t perfect – I secured too much of the loop, so it didn’t fall down as much as it should have. This is a super comfortable and casual bun, though, and very easy!