Day 15: Twin Vertical Cinnabuns

Finally got a halfway decent photo today! I don’t know why as soon as I go on vacation my camera won’t take good pictures anymore. Anyway, today I was feeling playful so I did two cinnabuns. I don’t like the look of two horizontally (although I imagine that that ‘do will show up at some point!), so I made them vertically. This is a nice classy look, while still being whimsical and fun.

1) Split hair horizontally at the back of the head.
2) Twist each section into a cinnabun. You can tie them off in two ponytails first, or not – up to you. I didn’t, but it pulled a bit throughout the day so I wished I had. I like to make them slightly diagonal.
3) Secure. As you can probably guess, I used spin pins and bobby pins.