Day 11: Four Strand Braided Half Up

It was a bit cooler here today, so I did this style to church. When I make half ups, I don’t actually use half of my hair – that makes the front of my head look weird, and takes away from my thickness. So this is just a thin layer from the front pulled back and braided. The nice thing about a four strand braid is that it’s flatter and wider than a normal braid, making your hair appear thicker.

As you can probably tell, I redyed my ends last night! They were getting a bit faded, and I wanted to dye them before I go on vacation tomorrow. The color came out a little bit brighter than I expected, but I’m ok with it. In some lights it looks purple, which I don’t like, but in most lights it’s fine. And it’ll fade to a nice color pretty quickly, I imagine.

1) Pull part of your hair back into a half up.
2) Make a four strand braid. I do this by imagining that I’m weaving – take the farthest left strand and weave under, over, under, then take the new farthest left strand and weave under, over, under, and repeat.
3) Tie off and you’re done!