Day 10: Cheater's Hairstick Bun

I think this style, with the possible exception of the Chinese Bun, was the first bun I was able to do when growing my hair out. If you can make a half-pulled-through ponytail, you can make this bun! It’s super easy, and can be adapted for virtually all lengths.

1) Make a ponytail as usual, except that on the last pull through the hair tie, stop before the tail is all the way through. For my hair length, I like to leave about four fingers worth of loop, but if your hair is a different length or thickness, you will have to experiment a bit.
2) Take the ends that you didn’t pull through and wrap them around the base of the ponytail. I like to split them into two and wrap in opposite directions, but you might not need to do that. If your hair is short, skip this step and just let the ends hang down.
3) Split the loop you made earlier into two sections, and pull one to each side, over the wrapped hair.
4) Put a hair stick into the first loop, under the wrapped hair and ponytail base, and out the second loop.