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Day 8: Braided Bun with Four Strand Ponytail Braid

This was a hard title to come up with! It’s tricky to describe what this is in few words. It’s a ponytail split into two, of which half is made into a braided bun, and the other half into a four strand braid that comes through the center of the bun. The thing that really surprised me (in a pleasant way) about how this turned out was the way the braided bun almost blends into the four strand braid, making the braid appear to be very thick at the top. I took this picture later in the day, so I apologize for the fuzziness of the braid – that tends to happen to my hair pretty quickly.

1) Put hair into a ponytail and secure with hair tie. You might be able to do this without a hair tie, actually, but because my hair is so thick I usually do a ponytail base just for security.
2) Take the upper half of the hair and make a regular English braid.
3) Take the lower half and make a flat four strand braid. I will include instructions for this after the main instructions.
4) Coil the english braid around the base of the four strand braid, and secure. I didn’t use my spin pins today, believe it or not, just a couple bobby pins. Be sure that your ends are tucked underneath the bun, as this will help create the illusion of a single braid.


How to four strand braid:
1) Split hair into four sections. You will have to experiment a bit to find out the best way to hold these for you; you may want to try this on someone else’s hair or a bit of yarn first.
2) Take the farthest left strand, and cross it over the second from the left strand, and then under the second from the right.
3) Now take the farthest right strand, and cross it under the new second from the right strand, and over the new second from the left strand.
4) Repeat.

This braid is much easier to understand if you practice on someone else first. There is another method of making a flat four strand braid called twist and cross, and instructions for it can be found here: http://dreamweaverbraiding.com/braids/flat4.htm
Only follow the first five steps, and ignore the bit about making it a french braid.