Day 7: Chinese Bun

Well, I promised that I’d give you an easier everyday style today, so here it is: The Chinese Bun. This has been one of my go to styles since my hair was about APL, because it was one of the only buns I could do at the time with my thickness. I also did a rope braid accent today, which is why my head is tilted a bit to the side. The braid doesn’t make it a new style, but I thought it was pretty.

This bun is very basic and quick, plus it works for lots of different lengths. Mine is secured with a hairstick and two spin pins, as well as a couple bobby pins for the accent braid, but if your hair is thinner or has more taper than mine, you might be able to get away with just a stick and a pin or two, or even no pins at all.

1) Ponytail your hair and secure with a hair tie. If you would like to use an accent braid, leave a little bit out from the front.
2) Insert your stick horizontally through the ponytail, beneath the hair tie and next to your scalp.
3) Split your hair into two sections vertically, and take one in each hand.
4) Wrap each section up and over the stick, and then back around so that they are hanging down behind the stick.
5) Wrap both sections in opposite directions around the base of the bun until you run out of hair.
6) Secure the ends.
7) If you left a bit of hair out for the accent, rope braid it and pin it around the bun.