Day 4: Modified Rose Stem

Today I did a variation on what is know as a rose stem. The original updo uses two lace rope braids coming from the front of the head and leading into the bun and braid at the back – I skipped that part, and just did the bun and braid. The bun is secured with two spin pins and a couple bobby pins.

This is a new updo for me, and I’m pretty happy with the result. Instructions aren’t too complicated:
1) Split hair into two parts on the back of the head, one with the top half of hair and one with the bottom.
2) Pony the top section and rope braid it.
3) Twist rope braid into a rose bun (just like how you would make a normal cinnabun, but using the braid.) Secure.
4) Without ponytailing, rope braid the bottom section of hair and tie off. Let it hang loose.

The only skill you need to know for this style is rope braiding, which you can learn here: