Day 1: Two Strand Braided Bun

Today, I did a cinnabun using two braids. My hair was still wet when I put it up, which is why it looks kinda funny! It is pony tailed first. I secured it with two Spin Pins and a couple of bobby pins. (If you don’t know what Spin Pins are, I assure you that they’re well worth looking into! They are probably the most useful hair thing I own, apart from my sticks.)

This bun is very basic, so I’m just going to explain it instead of linking to instructions:
1) Put your hair in a medium-high ponytail.
2) Split into two and braid both parts, securing ends with hair ties.
3) Coil the two braids around the base of the ponytail, pinning as you go, and secure ends.

Done! This style is very comfortable and secure, because the weight of the hair is spread out across the back of the head.