I decided to start this challenge after I’d already put my hair up for the day, so I apologize that it isn’t as exciting as it could be! For my first style, I did a hawser braid. If you know how to rope braid, this isn’t hard at all. It does eat up a lot of length – as you can see in the picture, my hair looks like it’s about BSL (bra strap length), when it’s actually right around waist.
I put my hair into a ponytail and braided the ponytail, because I happen to like the look of it better.

The instructions for this aren’t too hard:

1) Ponytail hair, and split into two sections.

2) Ropebraid each section, twisting strands counterclockwise.

3) Make another ropebraid, treating each of the braids you already made as a single strand of the new one. This time, twist the “strands” clockwise.

Tie off, and you’re done!

To do this braid, you’ll need to know how to ropebraid. Torrinpaige has a great tutorial here: