A Notice

Hello, all! I’m afraid that I have a bit of a sad announcement to make. As much as I’ve loved writing this blog, it’s becoming a bit too much of a burden to keep up, and will become even more so when I leave for school in a few weeks. Therefore, I’m sad to say that I won’t be posting daily styles anymore. I will still be posting new styles, but not every day or on a regular schedule. I still hope to make it to 365, it just won’t be in the space of a year. If you click here, you can sign up to get notifications of new posts. I’m hoping to post at least once a week, but it will probably vary from week to week. Thank you all for reading, and good luck in your hair journey!



Day 40: Woven Bun

Day 40: Woven Bun

Today’s style is a woven bun, which is a slightly more complex bun than most of the styles I’ve done so far. It does need a bit of practice! This was my first try, so it’s a bit messy.

Instructions for this bun can be found here: http://forums.longhaircommunity.com/vbjournal.php?do=article&articleid=54


Day 39: Dutch-into-English Braid

Day 39: Dutch-into-English Braid

This is another braid that I’m sure has a technical name, but one that I don’t know. I liked the look of the two dutch braids I did yesterday, so today I decided to use that again. Instead of keeping them separate and looping them up, however, I combined them and English braided them. (And yes, I wore the same dress for church this morning as I wore to the wedding. Oops!)

1) Part hair with a center parting.
2) Starting at the very front, dutch braid each side until you reach the nape of the neck. (You may need to temporarily secure the first side so that it doesn’t unravel.)
3) Pull the two sections of hair together, and split the resulting section into three.
4) English braid to the end and secure.

Done! This style would also look nice for Renaissance fairs or medieval costuming, although I can’t speak to it’s historical accuracy.


Day 38: Cleopatra Braided Updo

Day 38: Cleopatra Braided Updo

I went to my cousin’s wedding today, and wanted to wear something a bit more special than normal. After scrolling through some threads over at the Long Hair Community, I decided on this gorgeous style – a braided updo inspired by a bust of Cleopatra. I love it! It looks way more complicated than it is, and I received lots of compliments. Although this is a period appropriate Egyptian or Roman style, my Norwegian grandmother told me that her mother used to braid her hair like this when she was a little girl. I guess some styles just transcend time and space!

The tutorial for this hairstyle can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QigGoRY_Nic
I take no credit for the tutorial – it’s entirely the property of jntvstp, who also has many other beautiful historical hairstyles on her channel. Her tutorial does use only period-appropriate methods, though, so I made a few modifications. Instead of waxing and knotting the ends, I simply bobby pinned them. I also used mini hair ties on the ends instead of thread.

The basic instructions for the style are as follows, but I would strongly recommend watching the video.
1) Part hair down the middle.
2) Dutch braid each side.
3) Cross the dutch braids over each other and loop them up.
4) Pin to secure.

Done! I hope you like this style as much as I do.


Day 37: Fake Crown Braid

Day 37: Fake Crown Braid

And we keep heading onwards with our 37th new style, a fake crown braid. I try to avoid doing crown braids, especially real ones, as I tend to look like a snake is eating my head. This fake version, though, isn’t too bad. The fact that it’s made with twin braids makes the crown bit much thinner, and better looking. It’s not my favorite style, but it works!

1) Part hair down the middle, all the way down to the nape of your neck.
2) English braid each half. Secure if you want – the ties will come out later, but you may need them to keep the braid braided until then.
3) Wrap the braids around your head to meet at the top. Tuck the end of each braid under the opposite braid.
4) Pin to secure.



Day 36: Peacock Twist

Day 36: Peacock Twist

The peacock twist is a variant of a french twist where the ends are allowed to hang out rather than being tucked under. It looks very different on long and short hair – on shorter hair, it creates a fan-like affect, which is very fun, whereas on longer hair it just makes a shortened ponytail type thing, as you can see in the picture.

I used a comb to secure mine, but I really need to find something else – the hair was too heavy, and so it was slightly painful. Spin pins might be a good alternative.

1) Gather hair into a low ponytail. Do not secure.
2) Hold the ponytail so the end is up, and twist it most of the way to the end.
3) Use a comb, bobby pins, a fork, etc, to secure the bottom four or five inches of the twist.
4) Let the ends flop down.


Day 35: High Ponytail

Go-to fun style.

The last in our series of go-to styles, a high ponytail is a great style for occasions when you want to look fun and (maybe) flirty. It swings, it shows off length wonderfully, and all around is a great looking style. Plus, it makes your hair look really long! It is damaging, though. With my hair, I have to wrap the hair tie pretty tightly to get the ponytail to stay up high instead of sliding down, which leads to breakage. This is more of a once-in-a-while style for me, not an every day style.


1) Pull hair into a high ponytail. Secure with hairtie.

That was easy, wasn’t it?


Day 34: Cinnabun

Day 34: Cinnabun

Go-to casual style.

The cinnabun is the first bun most people learn, and is super easy and casual. I wear one almost every day, securing it with my spin pins. It fits well with almost any situation – it’s never too formal or too casual, but always just right! It ties with the lazy wrap bun for my favorite hairstyle, and also makes a great sleep style – I just put it on top of my head instead of in back, and stick a scrunchie around the whole thing to catch any stray ends.

The instructions for this one are very basic, so I’m going to give you some of the best tips for cinnabuns that I’ve learned.
-If your hair is shorter, a good way to help the bun stay secure during the day is to start it with a ponytail secured with a hair tie, instead of just coiling it up.
-If you’re having trouble keeping the middle loops flat, pin as you go! Make the first coil, stick a couple pins in, then the second coil, etc. This is also a great tip for those of us with thick hair – it spreads out the weight of the hair, and makes it more secure.
-Be careful where you secure it. It’s important that the ends are caught fast, so the bun doesn’t fall out. I like to tuck the last couple inches under the bun, pull the bun hair over them, and put my spin pin right through the whole thing. Same goes if you’re using a fork, stick, or pins.

1) Pull hair into a mid-high ponytail. Do not secure.
2) Twist your hair counter-clockwise, until the whole ponytail is twisted. (You can also twist and do step three at the same time, up to you.)
3) Coil the twisted ponytail around the base counter-clockwise.
4) Secure. I used two spin pins, at 10 and 4, but you can also use a fork, a stick, bobby pins, claw clips… Whatever you fancy.



Day 33: Dutch Braid

Day 33: Dutch Braid

Go-to practical style.

If you’re looking for something that will keep your hair contained through exercise, manual labor, or just day to day life, a braid is perfect, and a dutch or french braid is even better. The thing that’s especially nice about dutch and french braids is that they spread out your hair across the back of your head, and you don’t get the sagging effect that english braids sometimes give. If you’re doing anything where you’re going to be moving a lot, braids are much securer than buns, especially on shorter hair. When my hair was BSL and shorter, I wore this braid almost every day because it was quick to do and stayed all day. Plus, it’s mostly damage free – as long as you vary the location of the hair tie on the end, you should be fine!

1) Beginning at the top of the back of your head, dutch braid your hair. A dutch braid is the same concept as a french braid, but instead of crossing outside strands *over* the middle strand, you cross them *under*.
2) When you have no more hair to add in, English braid to the end.
3) Tie off.



Day 32: Clipped Half Up

Day 32: Clipped Half Up

Go-to formal style.

The second in our series of go-to styles is a simple style for formal occasions. I mentioned before that a half-up is a perfect style when you need to look pretty and put together, but still want to show off your length! This style is great for dances, church, formal dinners… The list is endless. You can do it in seconds with a pretty clip, and it always looks wonderful.

1) Pull hair from your hairline to the back and gather in a ponytail. I like to take a section that runs from eyebrow to eyebrow, but is very thin. This creates the pulled back look while leaving volume around your face.
2) Secure with barrette.

Done! Be careful when removing the barrette, as it can sometimes snag on hair.